We know the experts you need now!

  • We guide you through the changes.
  • We accompany you through the challenges.
  • With us you master the upcoming tasks.
  • We optimize your processes together.
  • We fill your current bottlenecks.
  • We have the entire supply chain in view.
  • We bridge downtime and peak times with your staff.
  • We provide personal and technical support.

We support you in all different phases of the company development.

With our solution-based approach we efficiently and quickly perform given tasks and supply solutions for problem situations or blatant failures of your specialist and management personnel.

Our experts are individually required and part of our extensive and professional network, which has been tested by numerous joint, successful projects.

Our network covers the following positions:

Leadership and Management
Logistics Management
Distribution / Distribution Planning
Fleet Management
Intra Logistics
Warehouse Management
Greenfield Planning

and the following industries

Automotive Industry
Production Industry
Transport / Logistics
Producing Industry
Retail Sector
Food Industry
Renewable Energies

Our clients say

»We have "blind trust" in your candidates. The projects "fly".«
»We are more than satisfied with the performance of Mr. T.«
»Please stay as a permanent employee.«
»Many thanks for your support now and in the past. Your will be missed.«

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